Elevate Your LinkedIn Pages into Leads

Marketing Series – LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages are a great business to business marketing tool if you wish to promote your brand and connect with potential or existing clients abut your business products or services. Best of all, LinkedIn Pages are free!

Here are some the following tips in elevating your LinkedIn Page into leads.

1. Post updates about your business where they can check what is happening with your company or business. It can be about new product or service, new staff, case study, website update or rebranding, or anything that puts your business in spotlight.

2. Use rich media prominently since people, especially potential customers, love to look at pictures and videos especially when it comes to checking out things quickly. Engagement is the key here from your targeted audience.

3. Invite your employees and colleagues to follow your LinkedIn Page in order to follow your updates. Employees are your greatest asset since they are the advocates and ambassadors of your company.

If you wish to go beyond of what LinkedIn Pages are capable of, feel free to contact us how we can help you with advertising and marketing campaigns to increase your targeting, advanced analytics and brand visibility. This way you’ll given the opportunity to analyze which leads you wish to pursue and grow in leaps and bounds.

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