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AG DIGITAL COMPANY is a Fractional CMO & business consultancy located in California. As consulting company, we specialize in business and marketing strategies for businesses to drive growth and innovation.

What do we do?




We can help you with developing effective strategy or business plan if you’re starting or growing a business, market research and analysis, and brand equity to ignite your business presence growth and innovation.



We can help you and your business with strategic planning and strategies for your products and/or services and to grow or expand, market, and amplify your business digital footprint to stand out in the marketplace.



We can help you make transition from traditional to digital business model and operations by elevating your business to the next level through our digital business solutions. 

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our Approach

We develop unique and innovative strategies and solutions that are in place to help you and your business succeed

What kind of solutions do we offer and who is our ideal target audience?

Small & midsize businesses, organizations, and large enterprises looking to grow company’s business, valuation, ROI, and revenue by achieving the business goals through strategic vision, proven strategies, and leadership.

Our approach is to develop deeper understanding of launching, building, or scaling a business to make an impact in the today’s digital economy and to propel your business into action to go beyond and above to new heights with proven results.

Why Us?


As a strategic partner, we focus on being innovative and thinking outside the box by problem solving and/or crafting strategies as we seek and develop solutions tailored towards your specific needs.


Innovation is a big part of what we do every day when it comes to collaboration and finding solutions. By working with us you will have access to the experts with innovation mindset seeking for new approaches and ideas no matter how small or big the problem is.

& Accessibility

Inclusion and accessibility are in the center of everything when it comes to making communication efficient, accessible, and inclusive especially when it comes to incorporating different backgrounds, experiences, and abilities. Because our community is tight knit, it makes sense to provide this access for equitable relationships with clients, colleagues, partners, and communities.


We are experts in our industries with our extensive professional experiences. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we can provide solutions to organizations and businesses with skillful research, application, and execution.

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every size. every industry.

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Ready to take your business to the next level?

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