Coaching Minimalist WordPress Theme

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Are you a yoga, health or wellness practitioner or coach? This theme is a good fit for businesses looking for a website as a part of overall branding that supports your marketing strategy. It is very simple and responsive, comes with options with customization of each page and content. This is great for those who want something modern and minimalist. A great choice if you are developing your brand in the beginning as your business grows. This is a Divi child theme so your website will need to have Divi theme & visual page builder installed prior to the installation of this theme.
If you are either yoga, health or wellness coach looking for something simple and curate your content, this is one of the great themes that you can utilize to get your business off ground. Most of the time customers who are seeking classes or to seek a consultation with a coach they will naturally visit your website as the first thing as they search for local businesses who can provide the services they seek so by having an up to date and well designed brand experience can make a huge difference because they will be naturally attracted to your web presence and perhaps leading to a click of a mouse to activate the Call to Action button. Then you may score a new customer if they got what they are looking for from your business.
Hope you will enjoy this WordPress theme and it is always good to refresh and adjust your website over time because customers are your key audience so they will look for something that is easy to navigate, consume the content and keep coming back for more. 
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