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Company Updates For August

Hello there! It has been a while since anything has been published or updated on our website. 

A couple of things have changed since the last announcement regarding vodcast which was announced in 2020. A lot of things have kept the team busy with some projects but we are committed to launch AG DIGITAL TV this year! 

Instead of vodcast it is changed to AG DIGITAL TV to incorporate our brand so we are excited to share the news that we will have the first episode of a video series coming soon with either option to watch it as a live event or to watch later with a recording if you’re unable to view it live. There will be a development of video series with various topics or categories with the goal to connect and educate aspiring and current entrepreneurs and business owners to inspire and learn how to start, grow or manage your own business.

The video series will be available on our website. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to get informed when the first episode is out. 

Due to internal changes our focus will shift to blogging, sharing digital & information products, brand partnerships and collaborations, and PR consulting services. You will see these changes over time.

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